About me

By way of the Dutch Caribbean, now residing in the Newport, Rhode Island area, Lisette Rooney is an island girl with many interests.  Whether photographing family and friends, creating new jewelry or sewing for her wee ones - she is a visual artist with a talent for many mediums.  Lisette has a background in classical arts and photography, and a practical application in sales and marketing, with an emphasis in social media and website design.  

Drawn to a more documentary style of photography - Lisette enjoys capturing daily life and the magical moments among the mundane. 

"My photographic style is authentic and candid.  I keep it light and focus on those precious moments that naturally occur, whether it be a smile when he looks at you because you two are so madly in love, or your little one bursting into laughter.  I may help you into a natural pose that highlights some beautiful natural light or an awesome background, but the magic happens when you start moving out of the pose, and your personality shines through." 

"My favorite images are the kind that tell a story about the people in them. The kind of images that aren't just pretty and technically perfect, but the kind that make the person looking at them FEEL something."   

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