The Gross Family

Kevin and Christine Gross are part of our extended family.  This sweet couple and their one-year John were photographed at Third Beach in Middletown at sunset.  That evening's dramatic clouds and coastal setting made for the perfect backdrop for this young family's photo shoot. 

Block Island - Family Road Tripping

For the past five years my husband's maternal side of the family comes together for an epic long weekend on Block Island.  Each day is filled with exploratory trips around the island, tons of laughs, and ends in an extraordinary "variety" show.  

Portsmouth Family Shoot

The Glen in Portsmouth, Rhode Island provides a myriad of places to shoot.  The Barth family of six and I hiked down tree-lined trails, across open fields, and woodland areas during this afternoon of fun.

First Beach Family Shoot

Pat and Shauna are loving parents to an adorable girl!  During this sunset shoot, the family strolled along First Beach's shoreline and boardwalk, enjoying the salty breeze.