A Surprise Proposal: Marlene + Amanda

Hiring a photographer that specializes in capturing surprise proposals means you can rest easy knowing your moment will be beautifully memorialized. I can offer my professional opinion, so you don’t have to stress over every little detail. From timing, to location ideas, and vendor recommendations, I’ve got your covered. As long as you’ve got that ring in your pocket and a smile on your face, everything will turn out beautifully! 

This was the advice I gave Marlene, when she first contacted me, hoping to surprise her long-time partner Amanda. Marlene had booked a stay in Newport Banister’s Wharf Guest-rooms overlooking the harbor.  Newport meant a lot to them both as it was one of their first romantic getaways together as a couple. As Marlene dropped down to one knee to pop the question, guests and passersby looked on and cheered when Amanda said, “YES!” 

After the shock wore off, the newly engaged couple and I strolled through the streets of Newport, snapping pics along the way as they reminisced about the exact moments each one knew they were they were madly in love with the other.

Downtown Charlie Brown

We had the whole town to ourselves on a chilly but beautiful Saturday morning.  Strolling between Banister’s and Bowen’s Wharves in Newport, the Hoffner-Davis family showed off their smiles for the few who were there to see.  I loved the coastal-nautical vibe we were able to capture along the docks – which were decked to the hilt for the holiday season!

The Gross Family

Kevin and Christine Gross are part of our extended family.  This sweet couple and their one-year John were photographed at Third Beach in Middletown at sunset.  That evening's dramatic clouds and coastal setting made for the perfect backdrop for this young family's photo shoot.